2020 ISGP Summer Conference

Expanding Our Vision of Gender:  Blindspots, Hot Spots, Bright Spots

June 18th-20th, 2020

The Hotchkiss School

Lakeville CT

Check out our previous summer conferences below.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

In June 2004, a conference for girls and women was established by members of ISGP in an effort to engage more schools in their work.   Since that first conference, Equity and Empowerment, ISGP has continued to host a conference bi-annually with each one focused on questions and issues facing our students, faculty, schools, and beyond. Attendees participate in workshops that serve to inspire and guide women of all ages to realize their potential for affecting change.   Keynote speakers, a Youth in Action presentation, and an evening of entertainment round out the weekend.

The conferences provide an opportunity for teams of faculty and students to engage in important conversations and return to their schools with ideas for evaluating and enhancing established programs.  One goal of these conferences is to expose young women to the commonality of gender issues throughout the world and to celebrate young women who have begun to make their mark on the world.

Past Conferences

2018:  The Power of Voice

Keynote Speakers:  Sasha W. , Corey Cooper & Olivia Poulin

Youth in Action:  Nadya Okamoto


2016: Gains, Gaps and Goals

Keynote speakers: Caroline Heldman, Dory Smith, Shanterra McBride

Youth in Action: Leigh Jeannette Boyle

Entertainment:  Kristen Graves


2014: Show Up, Speak Up, Act Up

Keynote speakers: Amy Richards, Cheryl Jenkins, Gina Barreca

Youth in Action: Jessa Rae Growing Thunder

Entertainment: Erin McKeown


2012: Media, Messages, and Me

Keynote speakers: Jennifer Pozner, Sofia Quintero  

Youth in Action: Brittan Berry

Entertainment: Edie Carey


2010: Roots and Wings

Keynote speakers:  Catherine Steiner-Adair,  Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, Cheryl Sandford Jenkins

Youth in Action:  Hillary Sandford Jenkins

Entertainment: Edie Carey


2008: Sowing the Seeds of Change

Keynote speakers: Immaculee Ilibagiza, Cheryl Sandford Jenkins, Lori Schneider

Youth in Action:  Suzannah Phillips

Entertainment: Edie Carey


2006: Women and Girls in the World

Keynote speakers:  Sally Armstrong, Deborah Prithrow-Stith, Cheryl Sandford Jenkins      

Youth in Action:  Liz Bird

Entertainment:  Dar Williams


2004: Equity and Empowerment

Keynote speakers: Jean Kilbourne, Peggy McIntosh, Paula Wehmiller

Entertainment:  Staged Reading: The Vagina Monologues