The Original Survey

Recognizing the lack of data around gender issues at independent schools, ISGP identified the need for a survey of attitudes and perceptions about equity issues in our schools, and hired a PhD Statistician to help us develop and administer the survey, and interpret the survey results. Athough the survey would gather data from both boys and girls, and men and women, our analysis work would focus primarily on girls and women.

The first, pilot survey was administered in 1999, and the sixth survey was administered in 2014. 

What is happening now?


Since 1999 when the survey was originally administered, a wide variety of data gathering tools have been created and administered through national and state-level organizations.  From DASL to 'Challenge Success' our schools now provide and have access to information that simply was not available over two decades ago.

ISGP is now assessing the need for a survey of attitudes and perceptions about equity issues in independent schools.  Through the 2017-2018 academic year, ISGP is aiming to evaluate the gender data coming from these other surveys and gain in-depth understanding of their underlying effectiveness from our gender equity lens.

Based on this analysis, ISGP will then examine whether the need for a unique tool still exists.


Stay tuned!  We will report back on this after the 2018 Annual Symposium!